Love without action has no relevance. Action without love is irrelevant.
     Love in action is invincible SSGWI is love in action.

       Deepak Chopra
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The Salman and Samina Global Wellness Initiative (SSGWI) is dedicated to making a tangible difference all around the world in a way that increases understanding, cooperation and mutual enrichment among cultures. 

This New York-based NGO focuses on three main areas: interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue; global health and wellness; and music education.  Throughout their lives, Salman and Samina Ahmad have worked on raising social awareness and bringing people together, through music, media and advocacy. 

SSGWI further enables them to draw a worldwide network of partners into their efforts to connect East and West in life-affirming ways.  

ART: "Aman, Rozi, Taleem"
Build a "Holistic Village" Initiative


Image: Children of village Pateel Allah Dino, Pakistan: Majority of the children in flood affected areas are suffering from skin ailments - due to lack of hygiene and sanitation services

Music Videos & Concerts
-Concert for Pakistan
( A concert in aid of conflict-affected people of Swat region at United Nations General Assembly Hall with figures like Nobel Laureate R.K. Pachauri and singer Sting, and more)
-Music Video; "Ring the Bells"
(a collaboration with Melissa Ethridge)
-Music Video:"Al-Vida"
( A video/song made for raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in South Asia)
-Unity Jam
( A concert to help Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Pakistan)
-Music Video: "Ghoom Tana"
( A video/song made for building bridges of peace between India and Pakistan)

Board of Directors

Ali Asani
Professor of Indo-Muslim
and Islamic Religion and Cultures, Harvard University

Mark Rosenblum
Professor at Queens College of the City University of New York.
Director of the Center for Jewish Studies and the Center for Ethnic and Racial Tolerance
Director of the Michael Harrington Center for Democratic Values and Social Change.

Varun Soni
Dean of Religious Life
University of Southern California

Advisory Board

-Charles Annenberg

-Lawrence Bender

-Larry Brilliant

-Sameer Chatterjee

-Deepak Chopra

-Melissa Etheridge

-Ellen Goldberg

-Amin Hashwani

-Sally Quinn

-Farooq Kathwari

-Qaisar Madad/ Dr.Mehr Taba Tabai

-Arif Naqvi

-Maajid Nawaz

-Sally Osberg

-Dr.Azra Raza

-Bobby Sager

-Jeff Skoll

-Ambassador Cynthia Schneider

-Michael Wolfe

Our Partners

 - Skoll Foundation

- Daniel Pearl Foundation

- Hashoo Foundation

- Sister Cities


- Skoll Urgent Threat Fund


- Annenberg Foundation




-Take Part

- Open

- Sager Family Foundation
- Quilliam Foundation

- Abrahams Vision

- Common Chords

- Google Zeitgeist


- Arif Naqvi and the Aman

- Qaisar/Dr.MehrTabaTabai 


-Asma Society 


- PTV (Pakistan TV)


- Geo TV


- Radio networks


- Dawn Media


- Lahore University of  Management Science


- Aga Khan University, Karachi


- The Iqbal Institute, Lahore


- National University of Science & Technology of Pakistan (NUST)


- GC University, Lahore


- Network of Schools and Colleges in Pakistan


- The Center on Public Diplomacy within the University of Southern California's Annenberg School


- Acumen Fund  


- The Rangoonwalla Foundation


- AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales)


- Network of Organizations Working for Persons with Disabilities, Pakistan


-Childern's Museum for Peace and Human Rights


- Imran Khan (Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust) 


- Shoaib Mansoor (Producer, Director and Musician) 


- Concerned Citizens Of Pakistan 




- Edhi Trust 


- Zindagi Trust 




- Citizen's Foundation 


- Rafi Peer Theatre Group 


Join Our Mailing List

E-newsletter designed by Fatima Rizvi

and Rehan Tariq.

Compiled  and content provided by Samina Ahmad.


Dear Friends of SSGWI,

In the Holy month of Ramadan as the Lord showers his blessings upon us, let us not forget those that are less fortunate. God says that we should keep the needy in our minds and when we do that He too shall keep our needs in His mind and supply us with abundance.  

I visited Pakistan three times in the last eight months, my intention was to visit the flood affected areas in Sindh and to evaluate the rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts since the tragedy took place.

I travelled to Mansehra where we adopted a school ,''Spring school'' and launched the ''Women Wellness Initiative '' in March 2011. Through this project, SSGWI plans to educate girls from elementary level up incorporating holistic education in their regular curriculum. The objective is to empower these girls so they can become skilled community leaders bringing wellness to themselves and their families.

I travelled to Mansehra where we adopted a school ,''Spring school'' and launched the ''Women Wellness Initiative '' in March 2011. Through this project, SSGWI plans to educate girls from elementary level up incorporating holistic education in their regular curriculum. The objective is to empower these girls so they can become skilled community leaders bringing wellness to themselves and their families.

Image: Girls at Spring School Mansehra

Image: Women's Wellness Initiative, students at Spring school Manshera 

abmc medical 2

Image: SSGWI arranged for a health examination at Spring school Mansehra

abmc medical 2

Image: Volunteer Doctor from Abbottabad Medical College 

Adopt a village initiative - Holistic support approach

I also visited Thatta district in Sindh, one of the severely flood affected areas, that has been very badly hit and has the districts poorest social indicators in the region. We have identified a village for rehabilitation and support. Village Pateel Allah Dino is in Union Council Kinjhar, Taluka Sujawal. The village was washed away completely by the floods. It has an estimated population of about 300 persons (48 households). All dwellings, basic facilities and livelihood of the village inhabitants have been 100% destroyed.
The sights I observed were very disturbing and many questions came to my mind. Why should some children be deprived of the gift of knowledge? Why are these  children sitting outside in blazing heat without food, water and shelter? Who is responsible for their welfare? The government? Their parents? We can play the blame game but will never come to a solution. These villagers need your support, your donations will give them a gift of hope by providing shelter, basic health, education and vocational training.

Fast Facts- Scale/Impact

- The 2010 Pakistan floods represent one of the largest disasters ever recorded in terms of area and number of people affected. After massive displacement, millions have returned - some immediately, others after months - to critical conditions: no homes, no food, no livelihoods, no clean water or sanitation, damaged infrastructure and depleted health and social services. The poor suffered the most losses, many without assets to help recover from the devastation. The floods heightened the vulnerability of millions of people, who, one year on, are still struggling to rebuild their lives in the face of extreme challenges.

-The floods affected 18 million people, severely affecting 1.4 million women and 3.9 million children.

- Around 97 per cent of flood-displaced people have returned home, facing a lack of facilities, infrastructure, safe drinking water, schools and health clinic. The impact of the floods will continue to be felt for years to come, especially by children who are the most vulnerable to the impacts of disaster.


Image: Aerial picture of flood affected area 

We need your help so that we, as a society of global citizens stand in solidarity and assist the millions of victims left in desolate conditions by the aftermath of the floods in Pakistan. Through our "ART" (Aman, Rozi, Taleem) initiative, SSGWI is taking important measures to create a better and brighter future for Pakistan.Our activity report from February 2008 to September 2011 can be viewed here Activity Report.pdf


Image: 100% of houses destroyed by floods


Image: Old school building completely destroyed


Image: Villagers living in temporary shelters

A year after devastating monsoon floods hit Pakistan, many of the more than 18 million affected people - almost half of them children are struggling to rebuild their shattered lives. Almost all of these displaced people were already the poorest of the poor in Pakistan.


Image: Non-functional water reservoir

Proposed areas of support

  • Construction of 48 shelters (Phase wise). To be initiated in 3rd quarter 2011 and completed by 1st quarter 2012 at an estimated cost of $ 1200 per shelter
  • School development - this includes construction, Supplies, relevant human resource etc. to facilitate a function and conducive learning facility for the target population
  • Developing Kitchen Gardens and other livelihood support
  • Installation of Hand pumps for clean drinking water  - also provision of local Nadis filters, etc.
  • Ensure availability and delivery of appropriate Health and Nutrition services- linkages to available functional health system in the area
  • Development of a Community center- this is to include Play area for children and vocational training facilities for women

*Detailed work plan and budget available on request 

How You Can Help

end donations for aid relief for the Pakistan Floods:



- Organize SSGWI walk-a-thons and fundraisers at your colleges, universities, and community centers to raise awareness and funds for the flood victims. SSGWI will support your campaigns.


-Purchase the "Concert for Pakistan at the United Nations" DVD




You can purchase a DVD by contacting us. All proceeds will go to SSGWI projects.

SSGWI continues to grow as a non-profit and is trying to get involved in the long-term recovery and reconstruction efforts for Pakistan's hard hit areas. We continue to promote harmony, co-existence, interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue.


There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life happiness, freedom and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else.   


Let us adopt the life style of giving and helping the less fortunate whenever we can.


We owe special thanks to Arif Naqvi and the "Aman Foundation, Abraj", Skoll Foundation, Skoll Urgent Threat Fund and Annenberg Foundation for their generous contribution to SSGWI. We are grateful to Dr. Laila Rizvi (Karachi) and Fesial Mansoor Soofi (Lahore) for their support in coordinating our initiatives in Pakistan.  Wishing peace and wellness to friends of SSGWI,


Salman & Samina




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Image: Children of village Pateel Allah Dino, Pakistan: Majority of the children in flood affected more..


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The Pakistani military is waging a battle against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the Northern valley of Swat but the fierce fighting has drained an already impoverished citizenry.  more..

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