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Desihungama 2012 Fashion Show - Eid Dinner

Peace b upon u friends, family & Junoonis!

It gives us all at SSGWI the greatest pleasure in sharing the following eclectic selection of 10 songs from Junoon20
(vol 1)!
SSGWI's mission is to promote cultural understanding , dialogue, girls education, health & wellness through soul stirring music , poetry, film & literature. The language of music transcends all barriers and after listening to the
following diverse & beautiful "trailer" of 10 songs, i'm sure you will agree with Maulana Rumi's couplet " when you
follow the music, it will show you the way" .

I don't have a personal favorite on Junoon20 because each of these songs trigger a special memory for SSGWI & ALL the songs have been crafted with Love, Soul & Junoon. We are very deeply grateful to all the wonderful artists of conscience who have participated & donated their time, talent and resources for this historic 20th anniversary compilation for Junoon. SSGWI Proudly Salutes You!

Junoon20 Vol 1 will be released digitally around the world on Sept,30,2011 (On Junoon's 20th anniversary) & net royalties from all these songs will go to helping SSGWI social uplift projects in Pakistan & around the world.

Today, we are excited to share a free stream of select "Junoon20" songs with all of you who have supported SSGWI's work in thought,action and/or with resources. If you like what we're doing with JUNOON20 then do let us know, your advice is deeply valued.

 Feel free to visit our website & check out our work & also make a suitable contribution. We are hugely thankful for all your support.

On behalf of Samina & SSGWI , I also want to express infinite gratitude to our wonderful & accomplished advisors & social entrepreneurs who are doing great work all over the globe & continue to inspire us. (names listed on our website) 

Extra special Junoon20 / SSGWI thank you to Amin Hashwani , John Alec , Brian O' Connell, Fifi Haroon, & Rob Schroeder for their continued support ,love & guidance.  

Last but not least, SHUKRIYA to all the Junoonis in the world & the Pakistani & global media for amplifying JUNOON20's message of hope & peace in Pakistan & the region.

Feel free to share,tweet,text,facebook and upload your comments on this special J-20 sneak preview.

Junoon20  (Vol 1 & Vol 2) will feature some amazing artists & collaborations from Pakistan & around the world.
The following ten tracks from Vol 1 will feature:

1) Saeein- A beautiful collision of musical cultures by Usman Riaz video mesg

2) Shahjehan Khan (formerly of The Kominas) brings an Western folk sensibility and romanticism to Heer.

3) Chand Sitara - Legendary film maker Shoaib Mansoor pens this profound & uplifting anthem for Junoon .Only his second anthem after Dil Dil Pakistan.

4) Junoon interprets Allama Iqbal's inspiring poem. (The whisper in your heart has strength,it may not have wings
but it possesses the power to fly).

5) Samina (SSGWI's co-founder) sings a Junooni cover of Rubina Badar's song Tum Sung. This is only Samina's second song for Junoon after her duet with Ali Azmat on Junoon's Azadi.

6) Peter Gabriel , Legendary founder of British rock group Genesis joins me with the ethereal American singer , Alison Sudol & Samina for a song for Pakistani flood relief.

With Peter Gabriel for Pakistan Flood relief appeal on Al-Jazeera

7) Legendary European band Outlandish have jammed on Junoon's No More to create a revolutionary masterpiece.
A street anthem & hip hop-Rock mash up that will make your heart & blood beat to the rythm of unity (featuring Waqas, Isaam, Lenny &  DJ Turkman "Souljah")

8) Pakistan's progressive / activist group, LAAL ,led by Dr. Taimur Rahman do a romantic husband/wife pop/jazz
duet of Neend Ati Nahin.

9) Pakistan's rock revolution brings AAG to do a spirited, turbo charged, "Chilli Peppers" like version of Mitti. Love the energy on this!

10) Aap aur Hum / Dil mein One of my favorite young Pakistani singers, Bilal Khan, closes this trailer by an ode to the Almighty.

Directions on streaming the songs below :

(go to John Alec website & click on client access , username & password below, click to play and to stop the mp3)
Your account details :
User id:ForJunoonisOnly
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15th September  2011 

Junoon , the biggest South Asian band signs its first ever Bollywood film titled ''Rhythm'', a musical love story with producer Vicky Kumar for Vicky Films ,

Junoon has already started composing tracks for the film slated for 2012 release.

Commemoration of World Humanitarian Day
19 August 2011

United Nations Headquarters New York The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) would like to invite all United Nations staff to attend the global launch of World Humanitarian Day
at the General Assembly Hall.

A single and accompanying music video 'If I Could Change' will be premiered to pay tribute to humanitarian workers around the world. The track is a collaboration between various global artists including Ziggy Marley, Somali sister-duo Sweet Rush and Salman Ahmad from the Pakistani band Junoon.
In addition, a contributing song and video by Beyoncé will be unveiled.
Encouraging people to get involved in helping others is at the heart of 
World Humanitarian Day. 

Please join us to celebrate people helping people around the world.
WHEN: Friday, 19 August 2011 at 10.30am
WHERE: General Assembly Hall
WHAT: The Secretary-General will launch the third annual World Humanitarian Day


Salman Ahmed Rock And Roll Jihad


A concert with Salman Ahmed and Shahram Azhar
for the benefit of the flood victims of Pakistan

Venue: Leverett House Dining Hall
8 Mill Street

8:30 PM, March 26th

Tickets will be sold at door
$5 for Harvard undergraduates, $10 others
To reserve tickets email

All proceeds from the concert will be donated to
Salman and Samina Global Wellness Initiative
for the welfare of families affected by the recent flood in Pakistan

Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed, one of South Asia's most influential cultural figures, is a musician, physician and United Nations goodwill ambassador. His band, Junoon, has sold over 25 million albums worldwide and has shared the stage with artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Alicia Keys, Sting, Earth Wind and Fire, and Wyclef Jean. With his wife, Samina, he launched an NGO called the Salman & Samina Global Wellness Initiative (SSGWI), that is currently working to rehabilitate flood effected families in Pakistan.

Shahram Azhar
Shahram Azhar is the lead vocalist of the up and coming Pakistan musical band, Laal. In just a short span of one year, Shahram and his band have gained national as well as international recognition for their song, Main Nay Kaha, a satirical poem composed in the 1960's by Habib Jalib, and their album 'Umeed e Sahar'.

Common Chords at USC on the 18th of january 2011

On Tuesday, January 18th, the band Common Chords will perform a concert at USC's Bovard Auditorium at 7:30PM. They are fronted by Salman Ahmad (founder of the seminal rock band Junoon) and Yale Strom (world renowned klezmer artist). Featuring Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, and Christian musicians, they play fusion music that blends qawwali, klezmer, bhangra, jazz, and rock. Please help spread the word about this unique event, which is free and open to the public.

UnityJam 2011 Program


Junoon star hosts community cricket tournament against terroism



Salman Ahmad interview / Rolling Stone

1. In the book, the recollection of your encounter with Gene Simmons (on Politically Incorrect) was quite appalling and unnerving. Did Simmons shake some of your belief in the spirit of rock n roll that day? Gene Simmons' surprise personal attack on TV showed me a sad glimpse of a raging rockstar trying to resemble a mad mullah.My post 9/11 appearance on Bill Maher's "Politically incorrect" confirmed that the so called "clash of civilizations" is actually a clash of ignorances between Islam and the West.

2. Have you had any other experiences of this kind where you've had to confront ignorance and blind fury projected by accomplished/educated individuals from whom you would least expect it? As I write in Rock & Roll Jihad, having a Muslim name and trying to get on a plane in America or Europe is never short of a roller coaster ride and an interrogation adventure with immigration officials and security personnel. In April this year, Junoon was almost disinvited from performing on Earth Day in New York's Times Square because a confused city official found the "Jihad" title of my book offensive.When I threatened to inform the press about possible violation of my rights and discrimination,the official relented and Junoon got an apology from Mayor Bloomberg's office after they understood my usage of the word Jihad. As Ringo's song goes "It dont come easy" but never mind the hurdles, Junoon still managed to rock times square on Earth Day.

3. In your BBC Hardtalk interview I love how you are trying to re-instil a sense of positivity to the word Jihad. It in itself beautifully explains the essence of your cause. But if you could word out your major concerns today, what would they be? A minority of thugs masquerading as holy men have hijacked Muslim culture and faith traditions.Its a sinister case of identity theft and its the extremists who have hogged the public sphere and are threatening to marginalise mainstream Muslims. Its like the KKK speaking for all of Christianity.Even though a diverse majority of Muslim voices have publicly spoken out against the terrorists they still dont get the same media coverage as the terrorists do. For example a week after Junoon performed at Times square an unknown  American-Muslim named Faisal Shehzad tried to blow up his car in Times Square. Shehzad's failed and novice attempt at being a terrorist made world headlines while other American Muslims who are striving to achieve their dreams and represent the top 15% of the education and economic bracket get trumped by the terrorists . Although President Obama's administration is beginning to address this lopsided balance and we are now beginning to see more American-Muslim voices in US administration and the public space,there is a lot of work yet to be done.

4. Are you writing any new material right now, any new singles we should expect? If yes, would be great if you could elaborate on them? Also, what direction are you taking with your music today? In India, My book ( Jaico publishers) will be accompanied by a free cd which includes two new singles,Love Can and Bulleya plus a best of Junoon including Sayonee and Meri Awaz Suno. I'm also currently working on fresh new material for a brand new Junoon album,which will come out early 2011. I've also been in touch with AR Rahman and hope to collaborate with him in the future,Inshallah!

5. Time seemed to have healed the wounds of 9/11, in recent years people started to think rationally and open-mindedly again as the stigma against Muslims seemed to have subsided. But the recent episode at Times Square seemed to have dredged up that feeling of fear again. It's like a backlash for peace crusaders like you, do you sometimes feel these destructive powers will always undermine your efforts? As my personal story bears witness : In the long run the guitar is more powerful than the gun and arts and culture will always be mightier than the sword. the whisper in the heart has strength,it may not have wings but it has the power to fly.(Iqbal poem)

6. What is your view on artists like Yusuf Islam? Especially after what was rumoured to be his showing support for the fatwa issued against Rushdie. Do you think that a strong and positive artistic influence has turned himself over to reactionary forces? I believe that Yusuf has evolved over the last two decades and has discovered that Islam does not prohibit

music and poetry or the playing of instruments.It was his son who was playing the guitar that made Yusuf pick it up again. Children always symbolize fresh hope and truth,sometimes we forget to listen to them.I love Yusuf's latest album Road singer .

7. Have you read The Taqwacores by Michael Knight or heard of the Taqwacore movement - a confrontational subculture of Muslim punk bands in America? If yes, I'd like to know of your thoughts on the same. Yeah,in fact Shahjehan and Basim of the Kominas have been long time Junoon fans. we jammed together on a very raucous and loud punk-rock version of Dum Mustt Qalandar at Harvard University earlier this year.Michael Knight's book like RRJ represents the rich diversity of Muslim voices that I was referring to  earlier.

8. Especially within the Muslim diaspora many traditions/rituals are questioned, wherein the Islamic definitions of moral conduct and righteousness frustrate the American facet of their identity. These kids wilfully eat pork and embrace their sexuality while identifying as Muslims. Where do you stand on this and how do you reconcile the glaring differences between the two cultures, in your personal life? 

Islam allows the freedom for every believer to have a personal relationship with God.There is no middle man or woman in Islam.Nobody has the right to judge how you live your life because ultimately you're the one who will be accountable for your actions in this life. I agree with Bulleh Shah when he wrote:

"you can destroy the mosque, tear down the temple,break anything that can be broken,but never break anyone's heart because thats where God lives"

9. With some having predicted the worst and showing little faith in the backbone – the political and judicial system - of the country, what do you think of the current state of affairs in Pakistan and see for its future? Do you think Pakistan needs rescuing? 

Many people make the mistake of underestimating the potential of Pakistan.Despite a chronic lack of good leadership, Pakistan is a country brimming with natural talent- Pakistani cricketers and rock musicians are just one small glimpse of a dynamic nation.

As I write in the book, Pakistan has allowed me to achieve all my dreams.Despite the many hurdles and challenges, its still a land of opportunity for those who have a desire to discover their Junoon. History tells us that  both Jinnah and Gandhi, despite being staunch nationalists and political rivals imagined a peaceful relationship between Pakistan and India

In the 21st century, we live in an increasingly interconnected world where we face common threats like poverty,water shortages,terrorism,pandemic diseases and global warming.If we realistically wish to solve these problems we have to transcend our fears and differences and help create a mutually beneficial  relationship between these two important South Asian neighbors.

10. Is America your home now, or are you just passing through? Any plans of moving back to Pakistan soon? I'm a wandering spirit the earth is my home,my heart is both in New York and Lahore and I'm constantly in motion. As Rumi said: If you follow the music it will show you the way.


Unity Jam Features Salman Ahmad and Abraham’s Vision

Salman & Samina Global Wellness Initiative (SSGWI) and Abraham’s Vision (AV) join forces with the help of music to help the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Pakistan

A unique jam session was held in Palo Alto, California on a very wet and dreary January 17 th night bringing together not just two futuristic organizations but a very diverse community as well, with the Salman & Samina Global Wellness Initiative (SSGWI) and Abraham’s Vision (AV) joining forces with the help of music to help internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Pakistan.

The weather may have been inclement, but inside the Spangenberg Theatre, the warmth was remarkably evident as Muslims, Jews and Christians along with Buddhists, Hindus and people of other faiths swayed to the music of Junoon’s Salman Ahmad with some of his Common Chords ( partners, Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom along with Mohammad Saleem on tabla and Lou Fenucci on the keyboards.

The evening started off with a moment of silence for the victims of the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti and for people suffering and rendered homeless from the fallout of terrorism in Pakistan. And on the eve of the birthday celebration of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the United States, words from the Qur’an, the Bible and Jewish scripture were shared at this event while introducing a movement that can be of benefit for our collective future, namely Abraham’s Vision (

Salman Ahmad appeared on stage with the band and immediately started off with the name of God in the form of “Allah Hu” leaving some of us who had seen and heard the original from the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib, misty eyed. The universality of the message of oneness that this Rock-Qawwali seems to generate was not lost to the audience with people of many faiths echoing the singing of “Allah Hu” to the joy of Muslims present. Mutual respect can certainly be a starting point for world peace if practiced across the board.

A Turkish melody with an inclusion of Hasidic music ended up becoming a real Muslim-Jewish effort, followed by “Ali Maula” which inspired many to sway in unison. The ever popular song “Saeein” next metamorphosed into quite a medley, starting off with the Azaan and then later incorporating many of Junoon’s hits including words from Baba Bulleh Shah and “Ghoom” all blending together to produce a rich final product.

Next, a tune dedicated to the Roma or Gypsy’s (Indo-Pak origin) in Europe provided Salman a respite from singing, only to have him return again with Baba Bulleh Shah’s  (Salman described him as the original Rock & Roller)Bulleya, the Sufi Saint’s universal message of sharing. Bulleh Shah’s poetry, for the lack of a better introduction is the Punjabi Soul at its best.

A catchy Yemeni Arabic tune with Elizabeth Schwartz on vocals also entertained us and Salman’s “Lal Meri Pat-Mast Qalandar” next got many people up from their seats and dancing. It is interesting how this song can still get our people to move. But back to listening, and Yale Strom energetic Pakistani folk tune on his violin received a good response.  

Salman Ahmad’s next number started off with “Saqi” (or so we thought) but ended up with a powerful presentation of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, moving the audience and the theme for the night closer than ever to a real Unity Jam. And as words of concern for the children of the Swat Valley closed the show, so did Salman, with Sayonee to top off a fine musical evening.

“ Rock & Roll Jihad” is the title of Salman Ahmad’s new book which was on sale outside the hall. Salman continues to contribute positively to the image of our community here in many ways, and this book effort is another example of his quest to make a difference.   

To conclude, it does seem appropriate to mention the unusual nature of this program. This writer was a bit late coming in to work the next morning, but the actual excuse if given would not have been believed. “I was at a Pakistani-Jewish rock concert in Palo Alto last night” as an excuse would just not have worked, even though it was pretty close to the truth. Congratulations are in order to Abraham’s Vision and the Unity Jam team for periodically bringing multi-ethnic and multi-religious youth on to the stage during this event to express their sentiments on the possibility of future peace as an alternative to permanent war between faiths. 

Would you like to hear
            a lay Buddhist,
                      a Jewish rabbi,
                             a woman Episcopal priest,

Muslim leader,
        & a Catholic priest

explain what their Faiths have in common, and how they differ?

The session will be devoted to Questions & Answers from the audience.

Join us Thursday, Nov. 12th, from 9:45-11 AM in the Palisades Room for Dominican College’s Third Annual Interfaith Panel.

Our panelists are
     Marie Monteagudo, SGI-USA, White Plains
          Rabbi Daniel Pernick, Beth Am Temple, Pearl River
                Rev. Susan Fortunato, St. Stephen’s Episc. Church, Pearl River
                        Dr. Salman Ahmad, Wellness Initiative, Tappan
                                  Fr. Ron Stanley, Dominican College.

                                         ALL ARE WELCOME!!!


Concert for Pakistan- tv news report

3 million 

internally displaced



1 concert

                                                                                                   Be part of it.




Salman Ahmad
Sting (via video)
Jeff Skoll
Qawwali singers
Deepak Chopra
Amin Hashwani
Rabbi Shergill
Bobby Sager
Susan Deyhim
Naif Mutawa
and other celebrities and advocates


in responding to the humanitarian crisis in Pakistan




UN General Assembly Hall

New York City

September 12, 2009


by invitation only




or call 845-821-0481;


for more information

Sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations

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