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It is no coincidence that the common enemies of Pakistan and the West choose to embrace the most modern weaponry while forbidding the most ancient and enduring forms of art and culture:  They recognize that the arts can unleash the full power of the human mind and spirit, in ways that liberate entire societies.  A growing army of Pakistani artists, entrepreneurs, sports heroes and civil leaders are mobilizing through SSGWI’s Pakistani Hai Hamara (Pakistan Is Ours) as a front line of a movement to redeem Pakistan’s ancient, life-affirming heritage -- and to push back the extremist forces who provide a culture-crushing counterfeit of that heritage.  The Hamara initiative uses arts and culture to change the conversation within Pakistan and to recruit passionate young leaders to provide essentials in job training, health and education, so that their nation can achieve the original vision of a pluralistic and progressive Muslim republic.

Pakistan Hai Hamara (Pakistan Is Ours) derives its names from the lyrics of a song by Junoon entitled Jazba-e-Junoon (The Spirit of Passion). Pakistanis have long embraced the song as an anthem of sorts, most recently after Pakistan’s stunning Twenty20 World Cup cricket finals victory in London. Just as that against-the-odds victory exemplified Pakistanis’ determination to follow through on a clearly defined mission, our goal is to focus civilian efforts on reclaiming the original vision of a pluralistic and progressive republic. By utilizing a glorious South-Asian heritage of arts and culture, we are changing the conversation in Pakistan and recruiting a civilian army that will renew our society through:
Aman-o-insaaf  (peace and justice within the country’s institutions and politics)
  (food, and productive labor that puts bread on the table)
Taleem (education)


The Pakistani military is waging a battle against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the Northern valley of Swat but the fierce fighting has drained an already impoverished citizenry.  Some three million innocent people – equal to the entire population of Mississippi or Kansas – have fled their homes for safety, while many who remain in the valley suffer from  lack of food,water or electricity.
UN Secretary General Bank-i-Moon says Pakistan is facing a "human catastrophe" if urgent humanitarian aid is not provided.  He has appealed for the international community and governments to urgently provide US $543 million for the IDPs (internally displaced persons). 
The appeal, launched on 22 May, is about 25 per cent funded. Because of the shortfall, food supplies are secure only for June while drugs supplies will be depleted by the end of the month.  Funding is also urgently needed to cover health needs for the next six months, with there being a shortage of hygiene kits and soap in the camps for IDPs.


SSGWI provides you an opportunity to bring hope to millions of idps by contributing generously to this cause
Within this fluid human drama, there is a fleeting opportunity for the world to show solidarity with the people of Pakistan.  

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